Bonnet House is facing a costly and unexpected expense!

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Recently, the Welcome Center lost power.  Electricians have diagnosed the problem as a fault in the electrical cable and/or conduit that run from the main gate, under the parking lot, and to the Welcome Center.  This cable is about 25 years old and galvanized pipe was used as conduit then.  Due to the distance to the Welcome Center –700 feet– the gauge of electrical cable needed contains a large amount of copper, and the price of copper is very high these days.

Our electrical contractor is estimating a cost of $36,000 to install new cable and conduit.  We have no choice but to go forward with this repair and expenditure.  Please consider making a special gift to help Bonnet House defray this expense.  Every gift, whatever the amount, will help.  Our volunteers and visitors will be most grateful to have an air conditioned, fully functional Welcome Center back.

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Bonnet House Museum & Gardens is the unique legacy of Frederic and Evelyn Barlett. This whimsical estate located on 35 acres between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway preserves the home of these two American artists. It offers a glimpse into their life style and the world of art and Florida in the early 20th Century.

Help us maintain their legacy for now and years to come. Your tax deductible contribution will go toward the maintenance and operations of Bonnet House Museum & Gardens.

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Bonnet House Mission Statement July 2013
Bonnet House Museum & Gardens stewards the legacy of the Bartlett and Birch families by preserving their historic estate and providing programming that nurtures creative expression, delights the senses, educates, and honors the natural environment.