Rental Terms

Bonnet House, Inc. Property Rental Policy
Bonnet House is owned by The Florida Trust for Historic Preservation and operated by Bonnet House, Inc. The house and grounds is an historic museum site open to the public during specific hours of operation. The property is available for private rentals, for social functions, and meetings, on a limited basis.

Reservation and Payment:
1. Rental deposit (50% of rental fee) and signed Rental Permit Application is due ONE WEEK AFTER DATE IS REQUESTED. If deposit is not received within one week, reservation is automatically removed from calendar.

2. THE BALANCE IS DUE IN HAND 21 DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT AND MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY COMPLETED APPLICATION that provides all vendors/subcontractors names and telephone & fax numbers. The $1,000 refundable Damage Deposit is also required at this time.

3. Renter must provide a Certificate of Insurance with current Comprehensive General Liability Coverage, including Host Liquor Liability, if a bar is provided, in the amount of $1 million. Bonnet House, Inc. and The Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, Inc. must be named as additional insured for the date of the event. Certificate must be filed with the Bonnet House Wedding & Events Coordinator at least 21 days prior to the event.

4. The person(s) signing the Rental Permit Application assumes responsibility for the conduct of all persons at the event as well as all financial responsibility for payment of fees and coverage of any and all damage or loss of Bonnet House property occurring as a result of, or during the function, and for any personal injury which may occur during, or as a result of, the function or use of the property.

5. To receive a full refund of deposit, minus a $250 Administration Fee, notice of cancellation must be received by the Wedding & Events Office in writing no later than 270 days prior to the date scheduled and reserved. To receive a 25% refund of the deposit, a cancellation notice must be received no later than 180 days prior to event. To receive a 10% refund of the deposit, a cancellation notice must be received no later than 90 days prior to event A CANCELLATION MADE LESS THAN 90 DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT SHALL RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF THE TOTAL DEPOSIT AMOUNT.

6. Renter IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT of any additional charges such as but not limited to help and security incurred after balance due is received. This payment will be deducted from the Damage deposit if necessary.

7. Changes in rental hours and the difference in rental fees must be submitted to the Bonnet House Wedding & Events Coordinator no later than 3 weeks before the event.

Permitted Uses:
8. A renter/user of Bonnet House shall agree to abide by all rules and regulations of Bonnet House, Inc. as specified on Rental Permit Application.

9. The renting party must be sensitive to the preservation needs of the building, the museum collection and the property’s grounds.

10. Bonnet House reserves the right to refuse use of the property to individuals or groups whose mission and/or public image is incompatible with that of Bonnet House or the Florida Trust.

11. Renter is responsible for all actions of vendors/subcontractors including but not limited to entertainers, florist, caterer, rental companies, photographer & car service. It is the Renter’s responsibility to ensure that the subcontractors are aware of and adhere to Bonnet House Rules and Regulations that apply to their work at Bonnet House.

12. If alcoholic beverages are to be served, Renter shall make certain that the subcontractors have appropriate State of Florida licenses/permits to dispense alcoholic beverages, copies of which are to be filed with Wedding & Events Coordinator.

13. Music must conclude at least 15 minutes prior to an event’s ending time.

14. Subcontractors’ employees will be expected to display courteous, professional behavior at all times. Dress must be appropriate. Wandering or exploring the grounds unescorted is not permitted.

15. Bonnet House must be informed prior to the event of all outside contractors and vendors secured by the renter.

16. Only fully licensed, insured caterers may be used. Caterers are responsible for trash removal and supplying all materials necessary, i.e., garbage cans, liners, cleaning supplies, mops, extension cords, etc. Clean up after an event is required and the total responsibility of the renting party. Failure to comply will result in the loss of Damage Deposit.

17. It should be clearly understood that the duties of Bonnet House staff concern only the interpretation and security of the site. Bonnet House staff shall be present to supervise the building and grounds during the function and to close the building and grounds after the function ends. The renting party and all hired caterers and vendors must be willing to work closely and cooperatively with Bonnet House staff. The caterer must provide enough staff to service the event, including set-up and break-down.

18. The caterer is responsible for the removal of all trash from Bonnet House property immediately after the event. Service Area dumpsters are for Bonnet House use only unless arrangements are made prior to the event. A fee of $175 will be charged against the renter’s Damage Deposit if Bonnet House dumpster is utilized.

19. A Permit Fee of $100 and a Certificate of Liability Insurance are required of caterers.

20. Bonnet House can furnish a list of companies familiar with working on the property successfully. Failure to comply with Bonnet House rules may result in suspension of the caterer’s right to work at Bonnet House and the forfeiture of the renter’s Damage Deposit.

21. Caterer’s must close bars serving alcoholic beverages at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled end of the rental period. Caterers are prohibited by Florida law from serving alcoholic beverages to persons under 21 years of age or who appear to be intoxicated.

Caterer’s License and Insurance Requirements
22. The caterer must provide a current State of Florida catering license issued through the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Division of Hotels and Restaurants.

23. For events at which alcohol will be sold, the caterer must also provide a current State of Florida alcoholic beverage license issued through the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco.

24. The caterer must provide a Certificate of Insurance providing evidence of Current Comprehensive General Liability Insurance in a minimum amount of $1 million per occurrence, Combined Single Limit Coverage including Product Liability. The following entities shall be named as additional insured: Bonnet House, Inc and The Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, Inc.

25. If alcoholic beverages are to be dispensed, served, sold or distributed, the caterer/vendor shall, in addition, provide Liquor Liability Insurance in a minimum amount of $1 million, Combined Singled Limit Coverage. In each instance the following entities shall be named as additional insured: Bonnet House, Inc and The Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, Inc.

26. Caterer shall also provide evidence, in the form of a Certificate of Insurance, of current Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Automotive Insurance, if applicable.

27. All certificates/evidence must be received no later than 21 days prior to date of the event.

Event Set Up:
28. Tenting: Bonnet House offers a beautiful outdoor environment with limited covered areas. For this reason it is recommended that tenting options be considered. Tent companies must be approved by the Wedding & Events Coordinator and a list of tent vendors familiar with Bonnet House set up and break down policies and procedures is available. Rentals during the months of February, March, and April will incur a tenting fee of $1,500. Please ask the Wedding & Events Coordinator for details.

29. Bonnet House Museum art objects and display items must not be moved without prior consent. All moving of objects will be conducted by Bonnet House staff with the approval of the Curator. The wrought iron gates to the Veranda are to be opened and closed by Bonnet House Staff only.

30. Wedding & Events Coordinator must be informed of set-up locations for catering, bars, entertainment, etc. at least two weeks prior to event. Set-up and delivery access to the house and courtyard is on the North end of the property, not through the Front door.

31. Renter is responsible for ensuring that vendors provide sufficient extension cords, electric panels, lighting, etc. to cover the event’s electrical needs. Failure to notify the Wedding & Events Coordinator of electrical requirements may result in inadequate power or power failure and Bonnet House shall not be responsible for any resulting loss. Placement of equipment and electrical needs must be approved in advance. Electrical availability is limited and restricted.

32. No nails, staples, tacks or glue are to be used as securing fasteners for any decorations. Food, beverages and other objects must not be placed on Bonnet House items such as tables, urns, statuary, etc. VIOLATION WILL RESULT IN A CHARGE AGAINST THE DAMAGE DEPOSIT.

33. Access to the Veranda shall not be blocked for any purpose. Adequate staging for entertainment shall be the responsibility of Renter and/or Renter’s subcontractors (if any).

34. For weddings or events that require extensive production and/or set up, please speak with the Wedding & Events Coordinator for negotiated price and hours of availability.

35. If the event requires chairs both on the Alee and on the Veranda, it will be necessary to order the number of chairs needed to accommodate guests at each location.

36. Deliveries must be accepted and signed by Renter or his/her designee and are not the responsibility of Bonnet House staff. Deliveries will be received only during normal work hours, Mon.- Fri. 9am to 5pm, unless special arrangements have been made with the Wedding & Events Coordinator. Bonnet House is not responsible for deliveries, pick-ups or storage.

Event Clean-Up:
37. Bonnet House is not responsible for items left on property either prior to or at the end of event. ANY ITEMS LEFT OVER 7 DAYS SHALL BE DISPOSED OF UNLESS SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE WITH THE WEDDING & EVENTS COORDINATOR.

38. All rental equipment must be stacked neatly at the end of the event either 1) outside the pantry door on the North side of the house and/or, 2) in the “break” room between the house and the service area. All rental equipment must be removed from Bonnet House premises within 12 hours of event unless other arrangements have been made with the Wedding & Events Coordinator.

39. Caterer is responsible for clean-up during and after the event. When caterer leaves Bonnet House, it should look as it did when caterer arrived. Renter is responsible for ensuring all subcontractors provide their own supplies such as but not limited to brooms, mops, cleaning supplies, extension cords, trash cans and liners. Failure to adhere to clean-up rules may result in suspension of caterer’s right to work at Bonnet House and the forfeiture of Renter’s Damage Deposit.

40. No drinks, liquids, ice, water, etc. may be dumped on the grounds. Catering Service Area sink and drain are to be used for this purpose. Grease or oil may not be disposed of on Bonnet House property.

41. All trash, garbage debris, and decorations must be bagged and/or removed from the property at the conclusion of the event. Trash removal is the responsibility of the Renter and/or caterer. A substantial charge shall be incurred if Bonnet House trash receptacles are used, or if debris is not removed, and shall be deducted from the Damage Deposit.

42. The Bride’s room on the second floor is reserved for the use of the bridal party. NO OTHER GUESTS WILL BE PERMITTED IN THE ROOM. Bonnet House Inc. is not responsible for articles of clothing or belongings kept in the Bridal suite or the adjacent bathrooms. NO SMOKING, FOOD OR BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED IN THESE ROOMS.

43. Smoking is restricted to two designated areas. It is not allowed anywhere else on the grounds, in the house or the courtyard. The Wedding & Events Coordinator will designate areas and inform Renter.

44. No open flame is allowed in the house or on the grounds, including votive candles, torches, or sparklers. Gas stoves and grills are permitted in the catering area only. Fire extinguishers are required at each location a gas stove and/or grill is placed.

45. Children under 14 years of age must be under the supervision of an adult guest at all times when they are on Bonnet House premises.

46. Only birdseed, flower petals may be used during weddings or other events (outside of the Main House). No rice, glitter, butterflies, live animals or confetti is permitted anywhere on property.

47. Only service animals for persons with disabilities are permitted on Bonnet House property.

48. Only alcoholic beverages dispensed by the catering company or a licensed bartender can be consumed on property.

49. Bridal party and persons with disabilities are permitted to be dropped off at the front door of the Main House. However, vehicles must then be returned to parking lot. No vehicles may park on grass, except in designated grass parking areas.

50. Parking for service vehicles essential to the event is permitted on concrete pad of service courtyard. All other vehicles, including employees, must be parked in area designated by Wedding & Events Coordinator. SERVICE ROAD MUST BE CLEARED FOR EMERGENCY VEHICLES AT ALL TIMES.

51. As an historic property Bonnet House occasionally conducts restoration projects. The Events Coordinator will make every attempt to notify renter in advance of restoration work planned in or near the event site.

52. Access to Bonnet House and its grounds is strictly controlled for security and preservation purposes. Visitors and vendors are not allowed on the grounds unescorted or without prior arrangement. Parking, gate entry, deliveries, drop-off points and times of arrival/departure must be scheduled in advance with the Wedding & Events Coordinator. A security fee of $120 is required for rentals involving 100 or more guests, to cover additional personnel needed to supervise the event and assist in ensuring compliance with these rules and regulations. Selection and/or contracting of such additional personnel shall be the responsibility of Bonnet House.

53. Bonnet House allows property rental from 5:00 pm until 12:00 midnight. Extension of hours the evening of the event is not permitted.

54. Due to the outdoor nature of rental venues, Bonnet House cannot be responsible for the weather conditions, such as heat, humidity, cold and rainfall.

55. Bonnet House reserves the right to remove from the premises any person behaving in a manner considered potentially harmful or detrimental to Bonnet House and/or other guests at the event. Rudeness or excessive rowdiness will not be tolerated.

56. The signature indicates that Renter has read, understands and fully agrees with the Rules and Regulations listed in this document. Renter agrees to hold Bonnet House, Inc. and the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation Inc. harmless for any and all damages, injuries and/or losses occurring on its premises and to indemnify Bonnet House, Inc. and the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation Inc. for any and all claims for damages, injuries and/or losses by any of Renter’s guests, invitees, caterers or service contractors. As of the date listed, this agreement is entered into between Renter and Bonnet House, Inc.


Rev: 07/10 – Subject to change.