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Upcoming Class At Bonnet House: Intro to Colored Pencil Drawing & Painting

Like the previous owners of the Bonnet House estate, our team is extremely passionate about creating art and teaching others about art. This is why we often host classes and programs geared towards helping students learn particular techniques and styles for creating works of art. Our watercolor and calligraphy workshops, for example, are some of our most popular and beloved classes that we host here at Bonnet House.

In addition to watercolor and calligraphy, Bonnet House also hosts classes for those interested in mastering colored pencil drawing and painting. In fact, we are just beginning our six-week workshop for colored pencil drawing and painting.

In this six-week workshop, you will learn colored pencil techniques that will help you create gorgeous and unique artwork without years of experience. These classes will be taught by our new drawing instructor, Galal Ramadan. Galal has written many articles published in Colored Pencil Art Magazines and has been in solo national and international exhibitions. He was born in Alexandria, Egypt, but now resides and teaches right here in Florida.

You can find the list of materials you will need, here. Classes are $140 f for our Members and $160 for non-members. These classes will take place each Saturday from September 11th through October 16th, 2021. Each class will take place between 10:00 am and 12:30 pm. We hope that you will join us for these interesting classes that will be sure to expand your artistic horizons. Click here to learn more about these classes, and sign up!

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