Re-Vitalize Bonnet House 2020-2021

Refresh. Maintain, Renew. Restore. Preserve.

Goal $275,000

Bonnet House has been through many challenges over the years and has always prevailed largely due to our outstanding donor base as well as the dedication and commitment of our volunteers and staff.  Over the last several months Bonnet House has experienced a tremendous amount of change, at times uncertainty, and again more challenges.  Our hard-won independence from the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation has given us a unique, long-term opportunity to build a better Bonnet House!

But COVID-19 has presented the museum with immediate needs and challenges.  Unlike many not-for-profits, Bonnet House has always earned money in addition to seeking contributions.  Due to the pandemic, the museum faces limits on the ways we typically earn revenue such as house tours and weddings.  Fundraising events that draw large crowds like Holiday Magic are also impossible in the current climate. This year, more than ever before, Bonnet House is counting on its donor base to continue maintenance, restoration, and operations during these unprecedented times.

Bonnet House is a very expensive property to maintain.  Consider these expenses as just the base line for what was incurred in 2019:
$30,528 for electrical service and electrical repairs
$29,567 for water, irrigation and plumbing and irrigation repairs
$26,945 for windstorm insurance
$14,701 for waste and vegetation debris removal
$11,806 for lawn and waterway maintenance
$11,327 for orchid collection care
$7,168 for phone and internet service
$6,917 for alarm monitoring and system repairs

This list certainly does not include things like repair to historic windows or artwork conservation, needing a new roof, and damages that can be brought on at any time like the recent flooding situation or just general south Florida weather. An awful lot goes into running a 100-year-old historic house on 35 seaside acres.

Bonnet House is in the process of developing a five-year comprehensive strategic plan that includes advanced marketing efforts to attract tourists and broaden engagement with the local community. We ask that you help us now with a financial contribution to help bridge the gap in lost revenue and provide for relief funds to get us through this difficult fiscal year.

Every little bit helps!  We can and will get through this together and come out better for it in the end.  But not all is doom and gloom!  We are so thrilled to be able to offer you two new exciting opportunities to experience Bonnet House just as Frederic and Evelyn Bartlett did.  These opportunities come about in response to very high, popular demand from our constituents.

For a gift at the $5,000 level you can experience a Night at the Museum Dinner, a private dinner for eight, on the veranda which includes an individually tailored menu that could include scrumptious lobster and full open bar.  This would be a great way to have a holiday dinner with family or friends outdoors.  Or, if that doesn’t appeal to you, also for a gift of $5,000 you can experience a Night at the Museum Sleepover. This very rare opportunity includes overnight accommodation for two in the newly refurbished Bonnet House bridal suite, dinner for two as mentioned above, and breakfast in the morning along with Bloody Mary’s and mimosas!  Or combine the two packages for $10,000 with dinner for eight and overnight accommodations for two. The dinners are available immediately and the sleepovers will be available after the first of the year.

Click on link below to show your support or reserve your Night at the Museum!

Please stay safe, happy and healthy!

For more information contact Darla L. Stanton, Director of Development
[email protected] or 954-653-1557
We want to assure everyone that participated in the 100th Anniversary campaign, we will hold the celebratory Soiree.  Right now we are holding May 1st.  We will keep you posted!  But, we will celebrate as soon as we can.
For all donations, except for Night at the Museum gifts, no goods or services are provided as consideration for this gift. The entire gift amount is eligible for deduction. For Night at the Museum Dinner gifts, $3,000 is tax-deductible and for Night at the Museum Sleepover gifts, $4,000 is tax-deductible.