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Outdoor Learning Experiences for All Students & Families

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Bonnet House Museum and Gardens is located on one of the last native barrier island habitats in Florida and contains five unique ecosystems. Do you have Students who love to study outdoors?  Our 35-acre property provides plenty of curriculum-worthy experiences.  Begin your exploration along our unique Timeline starting from the Bonnet House beachfront shore through a hardwood hammock, freshwater slough, several dunes, an heirloom fruit grove, expansive mangrove habitats to a private cove along the Intracoastal waterway.

This huge outdoor learning environment includes our 100-year-old historic home built in 1920 by the Birch and Bartlett Families from Chicago.  Mr. Hugh Taylor Birch studied nature, while his daughter Helen was a Poet, Composer, and Fine Art Collector. Frederic and Evelyn Bartlett were American Artists with eclectic styles.  Is there a Photographer or Artist in your Family? Something amazing will catch your eye around every corner!

There is a Subject Area for every student at Bonnet House. To complement the depth of educational material for authentic learning, the Bonnet House barrier island history goes back to 1000 AD during the time of the Tequesta, our native South Florida Tribe.  Interested in Conquistadors? We have a conch shell excavated from our barrier island that has been carbon-dated to 1500.  Is there another decade that needs exploring?  Did you know there were German U-boats along our coastline during World War II?  Navy Pilots flew over our three-story tower in search of them.

Science, Ecology, Pollinators, Plant Adaptation, Urban Development, and Community Relations are all accessible touchpoints of study at Bonnet House.  Do you prefer planning ahead? Discover how climate change might impact this barrier island and seek out solutions for planning a Sustainable Future.

Too many options?  Our Education Department offers Curated Field Trips on many topics.  Visit us often this academic year.  Cross a Chickee Bridge, Explore, Imagine, Research, Team up on a Science Lab, Walk back in Time, Share a Picnic, Observe the Mangrove Critters at low tide, or Create a Photo Journal…

Schedule a Guided Field Trip for your Group of Students and receive Study Guides to take home for further investigation on your own.  Bonnet House Museum and Gardens await your arrival! Click here for more information and to schedule your next learning adventure.

Bonnet House Opens World of Art and Science to Youth

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Bonnet House isn’t just for adults and area visitors.  The museum takes its role as an educator of the next generation very seriously, and thanks to Director of Education and Volunteer Programs Linda Schaller and our engaging education volunteers, Bonnet House has a meaningful impact on the lives of thousands of area youth each year.

In the summer of 2013, Bonnet House partnered with the Oscar Thomas Foundation to present programming about the art of the Bartletts and the natural sciences for a local youth group.  Volunteer Dane Jensen stepped into the role of Hugh Taylor Birch, describing what brought this important person to South Florida and why he developed such a passion for the barrier island while Alliance Founding Member Susan Lochrie took the group on a tour through the house.  This program was made possible through a grant from the BBX Capital Foundation and a special thanks goes to Bonnet House Fine Artist Barbie-Lynn Pearson for capturing images of this wonderful day at the museum.

Bonnet House offers youth programs year round for schools, home schooling groups, and Girl and Boy Scout troops.  Education programs are tailored for each group’s own needs and serve youth ages 5 through 18.  More information about school programs may be found at or by calling 954-703-2606.