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Virtual Learning


Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning at Bonnet House

Bonnet House offers virtual learning opportunities for the entire family.  Enjoy vintage tours of the estate with original owner, Evelyn Bartlett, as well as educational videos and house and grounds tours with Bonnet House staff and volunteers.  Click on images below to view videos.

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Vintage Videos

Click on images to view videos

History of Bonnet House





Vintage Dialogue with Evelyn Bartlett



Vintage Tours Parts 1 – 4





Joanne Leathe is the volunteer tour guide, Mike Green is the narrator, and the man in brown with the walking stick is Frank Lloyd Wright.

Part 1          Part 2          Part 3         Part 4       

Educational Videos

Click on images to view videos

Oyster Conservation Project




Coontie plants and the Atala butterfly





House of Refuge & Barefoot Mailman




Barrier Island




Brackish Water




Three types of mangroves







House & Grounds Tours

Click on images to view videos

Boat House



North Loggia









Dining Room




Orchid Display House
Orchid Display House