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Virtual and Vintage Tours of Bonnet House

By March 19, 2020August 18th, 2020Bonnet House Blog

With the truly unprecedented events unfolding around us involving the coronavirus, Bonnet House is proud to present you with a virtual—and vintage—visit to the museum.

For those who have visited Bonnet House, you will recall that there is a video shown in the Carl Weinhardt Gallery that provides a broad history of the property and a visit to the upstairs.  That video is actually part of a much longer production that takes viewers through the first floor and presents much more oral history by Evelyn Bartlett and Irene Hart.  It also contains extended clips from the Bartletts’ home movies.  Joanne Leathe is the volunteer tour guide, Mike Green is the narrator, and the man in brown with the walking stick is Frank Lloyd Wright.

During these trying times, we hope you enjoy this four part virtual and vintage tour of Bonnet House!  Click on Links Below to View Vintage Videos.

Part 1                  Part 2                  Part 3                        Part 4               ___________________________________________________________

Below are a few virtual visits and vintage videos.  Visit our Facebook page for the latest Bonnet House news.

Click here to view a vintage interview with Evelyn Bartlett.





Learn about the Boathouse.  Click here to to view the Video. 




Learn about the Top of Fort Lauderdale Beach.  Click here to view the video.






Learn about Hugh, our resident swan, and the Slough.  Click here to view the video.






House of Refuge

Learn about the House of Refuge and Barefoot Mailman.  Click here to view the video.




Learn about the Barrier Island.  Click here to view the video.




Learn about brackish water. Click here to view the latest video.

View this slideshow of the construction of Bonnet House in the 1920s.

Bonnet House Construction

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