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More Expert Orchid Care Tips from Bonnet House’s Orchid Curator


Expert Orchid Care Tips: 2

Evelyn Bartlett, the original owner of beautiful, historic Bonnet House, was a passionate orchid collector. The varieties she left to Bonnet House comprise one of the largest collections of orchids in the Southeast United States, attracting orchid lovers – both enthusiasts and novices – from all over the world. Following our initial and well received set of orchid care tips, here are some additional suggestions from Bonnet House’s expert orchid curator:

• Reddening on orchid leaves during cold weather is a sign of a magnesium deficiency.
• Apply time release fertilizer during Spring/early summer so orchids will get the benefit of fertilizer during our rainy months when we do not want to add more water by applying water soluble fertilizers.
• Make sure to water orchids as early in the day as possible so they can dry thoroughly before night.
• Good air circulation around your orchids is essential.  Orchids placed to closely together transfer pest and disease very easily.
• Be on alert for problems with fungus during rainy weather.  Preventive maintenance spraying of fungicides is a good culture practice.
• Household cinnamon is a natural fungicide and can be dabbed on cuts in the plant when pruning or dividing.
• Make sure to always sterilize your pruners between plants so as not to transfer disease.

Our beautiful orchid collection is one of the many reasons why a visit to South Florida is truly not complete without time spent at beautiful, historic Bonnet House Museum & Gardens. The story told here spans and parallels a wide swath of American history and makes a visit both to these pages and to the estate a uniquely educational and entertaining experience. Bonnet House is located at 900 North Birch Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304. For more information and details, please call (954) 563-5393 or visit

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