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Expert Orchid Care Tips fromBonnet House’s Orchid Curator


Evelyn Bartlett, the original owner of beautiful, historic Bonnet House, was a passionate orchid collector. The varieties she left to Bonnet House comprise one of the largest collections of orchids in the Southeast United States, attracting orchid lovers – both enthusiasts and novices – from all over the world.

Expert Orchid Care Tips

For all those die-hard orchid aficionados, here are some tips from Bonnet House’s expert orchid curator:

• Orchid pots (clay/plastic) can be reused if sterilized.  Scrub/soak in bleach
   water, then rinse very thoroughly.
• In the process of attaching an orchid to a mount, the new growth must be placed
   toward the mount and it must be tied/secured on very tightly so as not to wobble.
• Phaelanopsis and vandas are monopodial orchids and have no water storage.
   Phaelanopsis potting media should always stay moist. Vandas should be watered daily.
• Cattleyas, dendrobiums, oncidiums are sympodial orchids and have psuedobulbs as
   water storage.  These need to dry thoroughly between watering.
• Phaelanopsis need to be repotted yearly, and they need a drop in temperature to know
   it is the right time of year to bloom.  If growing inside, you may need to move it
   outside into a shady spot for about a week of 55 degrees.
• Fertilizing on a regular basis makes healthier plants that give you bigger, better flowers.
• Reduce fertilizing during winter months as the orchids are in a resting cycle.

Our beautiful orchid collection is one of the many reasons why a visit to South Florida is truly not complete without time spent at beautiful, historic Bonnet House Museum & Gardens. The story told here spans and parallels a wide swath of American history and makes a visit both to these pages and to the estate a uniquely educational and entertaining experience.

Bonnet House is located at 900 North Birch Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304. For more information and details, please call (954) 563-5393.

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