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Getting Married At Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

For decades now, Bonnet House Museum & Gardens has been known as one of Florida’s top locations for a destination wedding. Located in the center of downtown Fort Lauderdale, Bonnet House combines the grandeur of the past with modern amenities to make your wedding unique and memorable. With our stunning views, innovative architecture, original artwork, and lush tropical gardens, any wedding is sure to be a stunning success. But Bonnet House isn’t the only beautiful place to get married in Fort Lauderdale. So what exactly makes Bonnet House such a special place to get married?

Historic Significance & Timeless Beauty
The modern history of Bonnet House began over 100 years ago in 1920. Since then, the estate has been meticulously curated and preserved for the enjoyment and education of future generations. If you are looking for a truly unique, historic place to get married, look no further than the Bonnet House estate. With its culturally rich history, Bonnet House perfectly exemplifies old-world charm and understated elegance.

Tropical, Beachfront Setting
For couples searching for a stunning, tropical or beach-front aesthetic, Bonnet House has you covered. Our dramatic spaces, such as the Hibiscus Garden, fountain courtyard, water front veranda, and tree-lined alee all provide memorable possibilities for your wedding ceremony.

Designed For Convenience
Bonnet House showcases a rare combination of historical beauty with modern comforts and conveniences to ensure that all in attendance are properly accommodated for. Guests have the exclusive use of the tree lined allee/dry fountain, veranda lawn, hibiscus garden and inner courtyard. Our rental fee covers only the venue, however the estate works with many pre-approved caterers and vendors to suit every budget and design goal.

A Wedding Venue For Everyone
Here at Bonnet House, we are happy to work with any gay, lesbian or other LGBTQ+ couple interested in having a beautiful wedding to create memories that will last a lifetime. Bonnet House is proud to work with any couple, regardless of their sexual or gender identities.

Regardless of what your dream wedding looks like, Bonnet House will be sure to set the scene for romance and timeless memories. If you are interested in setting up an appointment for your wedding click here . Or contact David Woodin ([email protected] ) to set up a tour!

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