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Let Your Curiosity Bloom At Bonnet House

Orchid Display House

Orchids, and hibiscus, and cactus, oh my! As the summer months begin, Bonnet house is quite literally in bloom! The summer is the perfect time to experience the gorgeous plants that benefit from our warm, humid climate here in South Florida.

Because Bonnet House is located on one of the last native barrier island habitats in Florida and contains five unique ecosystems, the Bonnet House property is home to a wide variety of flowering plants. To complement the natural vegetation, the grounds also contain a Desert Garden and a hibiscus garden. Additionally, to honor Evelyn Bartlett’s love for orchids, we have many blooming orchids on display in the estate’s Orchid Display House.

If you’re interested in plants that grow in arid environments, then you’ll definitely want to explore our Desert Garden. This area will transport you far away from Florida with plants from places like the American southwest, and Africa. Guests will even have the opportunity to visit the Baobab tree that Evelyn Bartlett herself ceremoniously planted in 1996. While it may appear small today, these types of trees can grow up to 150 feet wide!

In addition to featuring plants suited to a desert environment, Bonnet House also contains a stunning Hibiscus Garden that is perfect for photo ops! Hibiscus are some of the most gorgeous flowering plants and come in a variety of bright colors. Featuring large hibiscus plants of all different colors and sizes, this garden has always been a favorite among guests.

But it doesn’t stop there. To honor Evelyn Bartlett’s passion for Orchids, we have also maintained a stunning collection of orchids. Guests have the opportunity to view various blooming examples that are rotated regularly through the estate’s Orchid Display House. The Orchid Display House is the perfect place for flower-lovers from all over the world to view the unique orchids that are well-suited for South Florida’s tropical climate.

Not only are our gardens bursting with brilliant color and filling the air with floral scents, but Bonnet House is also in full bloom with culture, history, and community. We hope that you take the time to visit Bonnet House this summer and let your curiosity bloom! To plan your next visit to Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, click here.

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