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Orchids: A Complete Guide

By October 14, 2019Bonnet House Blog

If you’ve ever visited Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, you may have noticed the vast array of orchids on display in our Orchid House and throughout the main estate. We choose to feature such an abundance of orchids throughout the year because Evelyn Bartlett, one of the original owners of the Bonnet House estate, was a passionate collector of the tropical plants. To preserve the history of the estate and it’s original owners, we provide enriching experiences that connect the Fort Lauderdale community to the Bartletts’ legacy. Part of this involves not only displaying unique orchid varieties throughout the estate, but teaching the public about orchid care and appreciation.

Orchids come in a wide variety and most require a specific care routine. To help those interested in growing orchids, or improving the care of their existing plants, Bonnet House offers Orchid Care classes in our Island Theater. These orchid cultivation classes, taught in a three-part series starting January 25th, 2020, are taught by our orchid curator, Jose Exposito, and his knowledgeable team of orchid care experts. These classes typically cover information like the basics of orchid care, orchid repotting and mounting techniques, as well as methods for diagnosing various pests and diseases. Each class is followed by an official guided “Orchid Tour” featuring our Orchid Display House and Orchid Greenhouse. To register for our orchid classes or learn more, click here.

If it’s the aesthetics of orchids that interest you more than care and cultivation, consider taking our two-day orchid painting watercolor workshop! These classes will be hosted by fine artist and watercolorist Karen Eskesen in the historic Bonnet House gardens on February 28th & 29th, 2020. By attending this workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to capture the unique beauty of Orchids using various watercolor techniques. To register for these classes, or to learn more about this opportunity, click here.

In addition to educational and artistic classes, Bonnet House is also proud to host our annual Orchid & Garden Festival every spring! This festival is sure to please not just orchid enthusiasts, but plant lovers of all kinds. Guests will be given the opportunity to vividly experience and purchase beautiful orchids of all shapes, sizes, and colors. In addition to orchids, guests will also be able to view and purchase other varieties of tropical plants, herbs, and fruit trees sold by local and international vendors. The festival also includes various lecturers and musical guests to keep everyone entertained throughout both days. To learn more about what to expect at our next Orchid & Garden Festival, click here.

To preserve the important legacy of the Bartletts, we have prioritized educating the public about
native plant species, including Orchids. If you’re interested in learning more about orchid
painting or cultivation, please consider attending at least one of our excellent orchid-centric

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