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The Little Gift Shop & Café

By February 4, 2019Uncategorized
Photo by Kevin Miller

Bonnet House has an ultimate goal of ensuring our guests the “Ultimate Guest Experience.”  Like any business, our goal is to offer our guests an experience that they will remember and talk about while making wonderful memories which will put a smile on their faces long after they leave us when reflecting their visit at Bonnet House.

When calculating what will make Bonnet House fulfil this objective, it was simple, seize all five senses of the human configuration. Address each sense with a commitment of achieving total customer satisfaction. I would like to think we are there or extremely close.

There are five human senses that were needed to be addressed: Touch – Sight – Hearing – Smell – Taste. First, touch – running your hands over the railing of Welcome Center Bridge anticipating a pleasant experience that welcomes you to the second sense of sight, the beautiful Bonnet House complimented by its orchids and natural gardens. The tour through the home communicates the story and history of the home embracing the sense of hearing. After the tour, a tram ride that greets you to the sense of sight and also smell, enjoying the natural ambiance of the property.  These are four senses which leads us to the last, taste.

Bonnet House proudly presents The Little Café, sense number five, taste.  After many years of discussions and plans that were put aside due to lack of funds, The Little Café is now a reality thanks to so many generous supporters. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 was our official opening day. We listened to our guests’ request for food and now our guests can enjoy a diverse menu which will appeal to those very hungry or to those who just wish to enjoy something light.  Either way, we will deliver.  Our menu ranges from breakfast muffins to lunch sandwiches, wraps, tuna and chicken salad with crackers including fresh fruit to mention a few items.  Let us not forget our ice cream, Fruitique, which proved itself to be a success. Our guests convene on our new patio under our blue and yellow umbrellas enjoying the many fruit flavors we have to offer.  The ambience is so peaceful and relaxing, come join us for breakfast, snacks and/or lunch.

Bonnet House is very excited about this new venture.  Please join us for a bite, we welcome our guests, members and volunteers to come and enjoy a peaceful lunch surrounded by the splendor of Bonnet House.

Accompanying the café, an orchid sales area presenting potted orchids are for sale. Not only can you tour, shop and eat you can pick an orchid display to take home and enjoy.

Let us not forget the gift shop.  Every day we are welcoming new inventory. Stop by and take a look, you will be pleasantly surprised of the diverse inventory all complimenting Bonnet House’s history. We have been mentioned on Trip Advisor by our guests very favorably as being eclectic and affordable, something for everyone.

We at Bonnet House are so proud of the transformation of the gift shop and the new addition of our café and orchid shop. Thank you to everyone who supported both financially and emotionally to this success.


  • Diane Deutsch says:

    If we attend the Bonnet House tour at 2:30 on April 4 will the Cafe be open since we are also doing the Jazz concert. What is the Cafes hours.? Also can we just park once for both venues? thank you in advance

    • Monica Estevez says:

      Yes, the gift shop and cafe will be open after your 2:30pm tour. The cafe closes at 4:30pm. The concert event doesn’t begin until 6:30pm, therefore, you will need to exit the property by 5:00pm then return after the gates have reopened at 6:00pm.

  • Does the gift shop have a current inventory listing giclee prints of Frederic’s and Evelyn’s paintings that are for sale (with prices)? Thanks!

  • Catol says:

    Do you have a cafe menu available online . Thanks

    • Monica Estevez says:


      The menu is not online as it varies, at this time we are currently offering an assortment of muffins and coffee cakes for a light breakfast; while our lunch menu offers turkey, roast beef and ham sandwiches with chips on the side. Also included on our menu are Italian wraps, hummus wraps, and chicken and tuna salads and chocolate chip cookies. During our summer months we will be offering seasonal fruits. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and join us for a relaxing lunch followed by our famous Fruitique ice cream.

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